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In school, they spend an hour in English class where they are supposed to learn to be conversant in the language.But that is not often the case because English teachers have to make time for other language macro-skills.We need to actively teach our students the value of English as a second language and the benefits they can derive from being able to write and speak it fluently.

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All teachers, even those who do not teach English, have to participate in the task of changing our students’ attitude toward the language.

We should give them more opportunities to use English, to correct improper usage and to be proficient in the language.

Even if I say “se-re-MOW-nee” (stress on the third syllable, mow) in class, my students still put the stress on the second syllable because other teachers keep pronouncing “ceremony” that way (“se-RE-moh-ni”).

If there is one English teacher who uses the right pronunciation but there are seven or eight others who do not, there will be no transfer of learning in a one-hour English class.

What we hear most of the time, we tend to say unconsciously.

English Essay By Filipino Author

This is why you find yourself singing a song that you hear constantly although you don’t particularly like it.Saying “Makabayan ako, magpi-Filipino ako” is, in many cases, just an excuse not to learn English, a way to cover up insecurities about speaking the language.But even when they do not say anything, you can sense there is something wrong about how students regard English.At home, many students spend hours playing computer games and logging on to Facebook and other social networking sites.The games are hardly verbal and the language in social media is often faulty.The truth is, all of us using the language in school are indirectly teaching English.So let us follow this simple guide: If you cannot teach the students proper English, do not confuse them with your English.Intimidated A second problem is that many Filipinos feel intimidated by someone who speaks fluent English. No language should be viewed as superior to others.We teach and learn English not because it is a better language than the others but because, for now at least, it is the global language for business, media, science and many more human activities.What happened during their six years of elementary school education?I think English is not taught clearly and adequately in grade school, particularly the parts of speech.


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