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That person can then function in a way that is more life-affirming and authentic.Along with this is the affirmation of the spiritual dimension of the person, the "higher" or "transpersonal" self, in addition to the personal and prepersonal ("lower" self).

That person can then function in a way that is more life-affirming and authentic.

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One of the core discoveries of modern psychology is that human beings are conditioned by their childhood experiences.

Freud and others spoke of the unconscious, a part of our minds that is normally inaccessible but which produces real effects on feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

This occurs in two stages: personal, and transpersonal.

Psychosynthesis is as a tool for psychological healing and personal widely applicable and used in such diverse fields as counselling, religion, education, health care, business and management, diplomacy and international relations.

As such, it presents (like Jungian psychology) an integration of the personal (psychological) and transpersonal (mystical, spiritual) elements.

The purpose of Psychosynthesis is to further the ongoing process of evolution, and so to achieve a synthesis, a coming together, of the various parts of an individual's personality into a more cohesive self.I want to pursue things I am really passionate about, aligned with a deep sense of purpose and meaning.I think I’ve struggled to do so the past because of not knowing myself well enough” (current student) We believe we are at the beginning of a new psychological paradigm, a paradigm based on what is emerging in terms of aspiration and serving humanity as a whole.This is an inner journey of development, a journey to evoke the person that I really am!“The most important thing for me over the next few years is really stepping into myself and owning who I am.The Higher Self is seen as a source of wisdom, inspiration, meaning, and unconditional love.The integration, synthesis, or unification of the personality, happens around this higher self.Like many other psychological and esoteric systems of thought, Psychosynthesis uses a number of maps or diagrams of consciousness in order to illustrate the various components of the self.Two diagrams used in Psychosynthesis are the Egg Diagram and the Star Diagram.Today many people are asking questions about new ways to live their personal and professional lives.They want to bring a spiritual context to their own lives and make a difference in society and the world at large.


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