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Anyway, her message to us was one of gratitude, smiley-face and all, because her case was APPROVED. I’m sure the client is grateful for the result, but I'm equally grateful for the case study.

But immediately after sending this quick reply, I remembered a recent email, sent by a client who hired us this spring for what she described as a very modest project: specifically, a rewrite of her own work, an updated industry report, and some financial modeling to help support her attorney’s petition for her five-year visa. If the business doesn’t require more capital than that, and can operate successfully in the U. It makes a case feel stronger and paves the way for a winning argument to the adjudicator that the company can thrive quickly and even support some new U. This sense of ease can facilitate the whole process from the initial consult on, something I imagine is true not just for service providers like us, but for lawyers as well.

She stressed that controlling costs was important, and when I saw her planned investment total, I could understand why: there simply wasn’t much cash in this business. Remembering this bit of praise, I opened the plan on my phone (confession: I was at my daughter's swimming lesson by this point), took a screenshot of the Sources & Uses of Funds table, and emailed it to the attorney who’d asked about the $50k, with a "Wait, well actually..." (For the record, without betraying any client confidences, this woman was from Eastern Europe and she owns a small existing business in the education industry that operates in New England.) Is it ideal to file an E-2 with such a low investment? This isn’t exactly a cautionary tale about turning away business that could have a potentially satisfying outcome; rather, it’s a good reminder that the investment for an E-2 is meant to be proportional to the business model, and if everything else is in order, a consular officer may just green-light something that initially seemed like a tough sell.

Unfortunately, nationals of India and China cannot apply under the E2 visa scheme unless they wish to gain entry as a spouse of an E2 visa holder.

The investment used to qualify for an E2 visa must be in an active and operating business that requires people to work in the business.

For investors who do not wish to invest at least $500,000 under the EB5 immigrant investor Green Card Program the E2 treaty investor visa category (or possibly the L1 visa) is worth considering.

You will usually need to create employment in the US under the E2 treaty investor scheme, but unlike the EB5 immigrant investor visa scheme you do not need to create employment for a minimum of ten people and there is no visa quota.

An immigration attorney emailed me yesterday morning to ask whether I’d ever seen a successful E-2 visa case where the investment was under ,000. We’ve been hired to write for applicants where the figure was lower than that, but I can’t recall an approval--at least one I learned about--lower than probably ,000” (an admittedly arbitrary watermark around which I could recall a handful of success stories).

Across the nearly 1,000 E-2 visa business plans Masterplans has written since George W.

That is because your plan, while being your blueprint, also needs to impress, inspire, and grab the attention of the one you are presenting it to!

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