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He offered the same to me, provided that my work was satisfactory, and this sounds fair to me.

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Those of you that have had projects like this in the past, would you recommend charging an hourly rate, or by the page/word?

Note that I am not translating, but the writer is ESL.

I'd personally consider $35 per hour a fair rate for such a painstaking, professional service.

But for a 150,000-word dissertation, this would result in a charge of perhaps 8-10K--far more than most people are willing to pay.

When editing for presses, the pay is not good, but the last two jobs that I contracted (just this month), I quoted $35, and I found out through a friend that one of the people said "that's a bargain! fwiw there are several different levels of editing: developmental, substantive, copy editing, and proofreading.

He is probably expecting a heavy copy edit of the work, but if he expects substantive editing, it is going to take you even longer than a heavy edit and you ought to know the subject matter well. Patricia This definitely sounds like there maybe major editing involved.

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[Subject edited by staff or moderator 2009-01-21 GMT][Edited at 2009-01-21 GMT]Some things to straighten out before you quote a rate: a. (That is basically the point you raised.) Are you dealing exclusively with the language issues, or does the author expect you to comment on the research methodology, conclusions drawn, etc.? How familiar are you with the subject of the dissertation?

Are you going to be learning about the general background subject matter as you go along?


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