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The letter should be included with the dissertation at the time of the submission.The format of such inclusions must conform to the standard dissertation format.To read dissertations in full, submitted in partial fulfillment of the doctoral program at the University of Michigan, visit the University's Deep Blue collection, which also includes dissertations written by U-M faculty.

The letter should be included with the dissertation at the time of the submission.The format of such inclusions must conform to the standard dissertation format.

A forward to the dissertation, as approved by the Dissertation Committee, must state that the student made substantial contributions to the relevant aspects of the jointly authored work included in the dissertation.

" In addition, Graduate School policies at this site state: "A graduate student may , upon recommendation of the dissertation director, and with the endorsement of the home graduate program's Graduate Director, include his or her own published works as part of the final dissertation.

Various chapters present conceptual, theoretical, and/or empirical economic analyses that investigate various facets of the problem.

Such a dissertation should draw overall conclusions possibly including policy implications that summarize significance of the results.

Appropriate citations within the dissertation, including where the work was previously published, are required.

Theses (or dissertations as they are sometimes called) are the product of extended independent research by students. 3rd year Capstone projects), and are nearly always a feature of postgraduate research from Master's through to Ph. In-depth background material, overall introductory material, and overall implications can be presented in other chapters.3-Essay Dissertation: A 3-essay approach does not include the traditional in-depth investigation and analysis of a particular problem or issue.In lieu of such in-depth analysis, the 3-essay approach is expected to produce three publishable papers related to a common field of study.In such an event, a letter should be sent to the Dean of the Graduate School certifying that the student's examining committee has determined that the student made a substantial contribution to that work.This letter should also note that inclusion of the work has the approval of the dissertation adviser and the program chair or Graduate Director.Adorna Link Exchange rate policy and international trade linkages and impacts, Nayef N.Al-Shammari Link Essays on education policies and discrimination in credit markets, Yue Hu Link Aging and assets: Three essays, Joseph T.Rohlin Link Differential effects of economic policy across local labor markets, Jeffrey P.Hanson Link Three essays in international trade and development, Ratidanai Hoonsawat Link Essays on measurement error, nonstationary panels and nonparametrics econometrics, Long Liu Link Essays on unemployment, marginal attachment and married women in the labor market, Luzeta C.Traditional Dissertation: A dissertation following the traditional approach presents an in depth economic analysis of a particular problem or issue of substantive public or disciplinary concern.It generally includes an overview that captures the scope and significance of the problem in the context of existing literature.


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