Discursive Essay On Drugs In Sport

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Doping is largely seen as an act which violates the equality of opportunities for athletes.Drug- free sports is also a great way of motivating players about the true spirit of sportsmanship and it also keeps the public interested in the game since it is being played fair.Another vital historical stage is 1920, when amphetamine was firstly produced.

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Thus, the competitors make an effort in order to achieve benefits over their opponent.Unfortunately, the world of sports is very often related with the word doping, since respectful and famous athletes have been tested positive for banned pills and substances.Undoubtedly, the level of these ingredients is increased annually due to the desire to be the first no matter what.The statue of Zeus demonstrated not honor to the competitors, but their violation of norms.After, the sportsman who did not follow the legislative norms was harshly punished.In most cases, they use banned substances in order to be at the edge of the competition and gain worldwide recognition.Unfortunately, such desire to be famous costs a lot and influence on health, family relationship, social identity, and love.It is usually taken illegally and without being mentioned in any records by competitors of various different sports events.Doping is, in fact, a very common term which is widely used in all the organizations which regulate and maintain the legal functioning of the sporting competitions.Today, the use of these drugs by sports persons is very common in sports such as cycling as well as baseball where there is an immense amount of power and stamina to be required for winning the competitions.However, there has been commendable measures being taken by the sports organizations for curbing the usage of drugs by players from all across the globe and the difference can be seen in the fact that there are players who have understood the issue at their personal levels and hence boycotted the act of doping altogether.


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