Disadvantages Of Learning A Foreign Language Essay

This type of cultural awareness can be advantageous to your ability to work well with others, be open to new ideas and embrace cultural differences.However, missing out on this cultural experience can cause you to feel culturally isolated.

A foreign language gives you insight into a new culture.

By learning a foreign language you start to experience details about a region of the world that you never knew existed.

Not knowing a foreign language might put you at a professional disadvantage.

The business world is highly competitive, and many people actively look for ways to put themselves ahead in the job market.

However, there are personal reasons as well for people to wish to learn second or third languages.

By not having a foreign language under your belt, you risk missing out on a world of opportunities.

This is not to say that a cognitive deficit is the result of not learning a foreign language.

However, those who do not put cognitive skills to use may not develop the same skill set when it comes to such things as memorization.

People who know foreign languages can appreciate their independence when they travel, and not have to play charades when asking where the train station or restroom is.

Kyra Sheahan has been a writer for various publications since 2008.


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