Developmental Psychology Topics For Research Paper

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Data were gathered from organizational websites, interviews with each participant, and sentence completion data from O’Fallon’s STAGES assessment of each participant, and sorted and analyzed using a unique combination of Nicolescuian transdisciplinarity, integral methodological pluralism, Banathy’s three lenses, and O’Fallon’s STAGES theory.

The findings placed 2 participants and their associated organizations at 4.0, and one at 5.5 with the associated organization at 4.5.

Preferably sooner, rather than later, we need to learn to live and work with each other to reduce, stop, and eventually reverse anthropogenic (human-induced) global warming by transforming our current dysfunctional global capitalism and inadequate triple bottom line multi-capitalisms into an integrative, multi-dimensional, multi-capitalism.

In their responses to global warming, the IPCC, and other climate change activists, like the Club of Rome and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, tend to propose mainly eco-social pathways for rapid decarbonisation in the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

more What can we do to reduce, stop, and eventually reverse global warming?

In our response, we attempt to envision and explore an integrative thriveability.

Pattern matching showed an alignment with Mc Cauley Drath, Palus, O’Connor, and Baker (2006) propositions of adult development.

Further analysis generated a case-inspired Next-Stage organizational profile using thematic codes.

The larger context was the adaptive challenges of recognizing humanities role in the unprecedented damage wreaked on planet Earth, focusing on organizations and leaders poised to influence policy and strategy and, consequently, individual and group development.

This qualitative study employed an embedded, multiple-case study design recruiting 3 participants from the sample of CEO’s in Laloux’s (2014) Reinventing Organizations.


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