Darwinism Essay Topics

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natural selection as Charles Darwin had perceived in plants and animals in nature.

What do you think Darwin's thoughts are concerning human adaptation?

Why doesn't Darwin directly apply this theory to humans?

How does he study nature and species using this method, and what is the significance of this method?

Darwin's theory of natural selection suggests that species adapt over time.He talks of how some people will outdo others and wipe them out of the society.Those with more finances more technological advances and weapons are considered to be stronger according to Spenser.Charity and grants have also become a part of the society to help those that are weaker survive.There are also opportunities availed by people yo continue being stronger and to enable them survive.Improvement and growth in technology can be attributed to the idea of Spencer.Colonialism used the excuse to suppress the people in territories they invaded.The theory of Spencer has been used to improve the economies.The idea of the non-interference of the government in the economy has been used effectively in improving the economies of many and different societies.The unfit and the weak in the societies may be outdone and defeated by those that are fittest or strongest.Spenser had his work highly borrowed from the theory of Charles Darwin about evolution.


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