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On top of that, it would be nearly impossible for you to go through a stylesheet that you’ve hacked up and pinpoint each and every little thing you’ve changed.Starting today, you can futureproof your In layman’s terms, the above code essentially defines unvisited links as blue, visited links as gray, and hovered links as red.

We titled our images: Now that the images are prepared its time to prepare the logo/type.

We should have our logo/typesetting in place from our previous step of getting our images sized and positioned.

Once the initial programming and configuration are setup it’s all image management after that.

You may have clients that would like the option of changing their header image on their own and this gives them that option.

Adjust the settings to your liking and you should see a drop shadow from your logo/type on top of the image.

Customize Thesis Theme Header

Once you are happy with the shadow its time to save out the logo/type image.You’re going to leave visited links as gray because that works well with your site.Also, you’d prefer to remove underlines from all links because you like a cleaner look.One of the tools that I use is Chris Pearson’s fantastic Thesis Word Press theme framework.In an effort to contribute back to both the Thesis and Word Press communities I have documented how to embed the Next-Gen Gallery plugin to your header, or banner image and place your logo above it.Also, based on that code, links will be underlined.Let’s say, however, that you want unvisited links to be green (#090) and hovered links to be orange (#f60).For our purposes of this tutorial the size of our image/header is 857 pixels wide, and 150 pixels high.We used Photoshop to create a layered file containing all of our images so that we can position and scale them within the size constraints and save out the multiple versions of the file.Are you sure you want to keep spinning your wheels every time a new version of your preferred framework is updated?What you need, my friend, is a futureproof, bulletproof means of protecting your that people are confronted with when they try to adapt their existing design modifications to a theme upgrade.


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