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for a bank or other investor, a solid market analysis is expected.But, don’t just do a market analysis because you’re developing a plan.

for a bank or other investor, a solid market analysis is expected.But, don’t just do a market analysis because you’re developing a plan.Do it because it will help you build a smarter strategy for growing your business.

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More importantly, it helps you understand if there’s going to be more demand for your products in the future and how competitive the industry is likely to be.

For example, if you are selling mobile phones, you’ll want to know if the demand for mobile phones is growing or shrinking.

This is different than market research, where you are learning about your customers.

For a more detailed explanation of the difference, Your industry overview shows investors that you understand the larger landscape that you are competing in.

Creating a good market analysis is a very worthwhile exercise.

It will help you uncover your blind spots and prepare you to compete with other businesses.Tools like Live Plan can help you automatically compare your forecast to your accounting data, so it’s easy to do.But, even if you use a spreadsheet, tracking your progress will help you adjust your business strategy quickly so that you can do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t.On the other end of the spectrum, maybe you’re competing as a low-priced alternative to other products or businesses.If that’s the case, make sure your marketing and other messaging are also delivering that same, unified message.1 percent of a 3 billion dollar market is still million and even though 1 percent seems like a small, attainable number, you need to understand and explain how you will actually acquire that volume of customers.When you build your forecast, use it as a goal for your business and track your actual sales compared to what you had hoped you would sell.The best way to research your competition is to talk to your prospective customers and ask them who they are currently buying from and what alternate solutions they are using to solve the problem you are solving.Of course, spending some time on Google to figure out what else is out there is a great idea as well. Of course, you should ensure that your price is more than what it costs you to make and deliver your product or service.A business plan highlights the future objectives of a company, often relating to how the company will sell their product.It also explains proposed strategies to meet sales goals.


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