Cultural Contact Essay

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Ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s culture, beliefs, and values are superior to other cultures, a theme that is present throughout the movie.

In Avatar, humans established a settlement on Pandora in an attempt to take away and use the Na’vi’s land and resources.

Another example of marginalization is the Beothuk, they got pushed off of their land in a result of the fur trade.

The Beothuk and the Na’vi tribe are greatly alike, for they both were tricked and betrayed by invaders, all of these examples were heavily impacted by marginalization.

Their culture and ways of life had been distorted forever.

The Na’vi would have to learn to adapt to the changes resulted in the cultivation of their culture.

In Avatar, the humans pushed the Na’vi off of their homeland, and use up their resources for their own benefit.

By forcing the Na’vi to leave meant they would have to give up their culture, way of life, and sacrifice the survival of their race.

This made their society more harsh and undesirable, therefore marginalizing them.

The humans continuously put their own race first, and their desires before the needs of the Na’vi, just like the Europeans did to the First Nations of America.


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