Critical Thinking Skills And The Nursing Process

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Assessing a patient requires several domains of information, and the nurse must be able to decide which pieces of information a patient offers are critical.

Patient information can be complex, including elements not only of a clinical complaint but of family and culture.

Her interests are eclectic; ranging from pet care to medicine and everything in between.

Sodaro writes fiction and screenplays, several of which have won awards.

Incorporating critical thinking skills also involves a reflective component.

The nurse must make decisions based on sound clinical judgments, as gathered from a wide variety of sources, as well as the nurse's own observations.

The reflective component is a review of those judgments and a validation of their appropriateness.

Using critical thinking also has a holistic component.

The definition of critical thinking is transferring and applying knowledge and skills in a new situation.

The critical thinking is needed in a lot of aspects of the nurses’ job such as when the nurses need to provide the precise identification in the specific problems had by the patients.


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