Critical Thinking Map

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Finally, the third potential reason for why AM has a beneficial effect on CT is that AMs present information in a hierarchical manner, which also facilitates the organization of information for promoting CT.

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Perhaps as a result of the relatively recent advancements in AM software, little research has been conducted to test its effects on learning.

However, the little research that has examined AM’s effects on CT has revealed beneficial effects (Alvarez-Ortiz, 2007; Butchart et al., 2009; Dwyer, Hogan & Stewart, 2011; Dwyer, Hogan & Stewart, 2012; van Gelder, 2001; van Gelder, Bissett & Cumming, 2004).

The manner in which propositions and chains of reasoning can be manipulated within an AM may encourage deeper analysis and evaluation of the argument, as well as further refinements of its inferential structure. The roots of computer supported argument visualization.

Similar propositions can be grouped together, which eases their assimilation and removes the need to switch attention as in text-based information (e.g.

, they differ substantially from AM based on the manner in which they are organized and the way in which each ‘proposition’ is presented.

Critical Thinking Map

The problem with many concept mapping techniques is that they do not present an argument per se. The promotion of critical thinking skills through argument mapping.

similar color-coding and close proximity) that facilitate the organization of information in working memory and long-term memory, which in turn facilitates CT. Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, 25, 2, 268-291.

For example, color can be used in an AM to distinguish evidence for a claim (i.e. red); thus, all reasons are similarly color-coded, as are objections. With respect to proximity, modern AM allows single propositions or entire branches of the argument to be removed or transferred from one location to another (and edited in the process) in order to facilitate reconstruction.

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