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When someone is present during the creative brainstorming, it might hinder the process. It might be embarrassing since, for every new idea that you have, there are hundreds or ten thousand of foolish ones.Not everyone can withstand criticism, be it constructive or just the one aimed at undermining your idea.

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Their commanding personality may hinder the whole creative process, so such people should be put to work on their own.

The brainstorming session should not be left unguided.

If there is an individual in a group who is unsympathetic to the foolishness of newly popped up ideas, he should be excluded from the group, no matter how great his knowledge of the subject is.

The same situation with those participants who have a greater reputation and are more outspoken.

"It is important to be able to begin writing at any time.

If there are 15 minutes in which I have nothing to do, that's enough to write a page or so."It can often be hard to get into the state of flow, or deep concentration, you need to start writing. Once, when asked whether there were any rituals he followed to get into the right frame of mind before sitting down to write, Asimov simply replied, "Before I can possibly begin writing, it is always necessary for me to turn on my electric typewriter and to get close enough to it so that my fingers can reach the keys."Whenever I'm away from my typewriter--eating, falling asleep, performing my ablutions -- my mind keeps working.

One of the ways of getting a great idea is studying great creations of the past and follow the process of how they were generated and developed.

Unfortunately, the way which genius ideas appeared in someone else’s mind is not always clear even to those who generated great thoughts.

There definitely should be someone in charge who can play a role of a psychoanalyst who is asking the right questions in order for the person to start contemplating and finding out the answers.

A session arbiter should not interfere with the brainstorming process; he needs to stimulate discussion and gently guide participants to more and more effective creating process, and this task is not an easy one.


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