Cover Letter Essay

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On the other hand, the intent is what constitutes your desires and driving ambition, and your prospective boss should not read that.

So, pay particular attention to what you include in your letter lest you sabotage your efforts.

Ensure that you close it on a very hopeful and courteous note.

For instance, you ought to end with a grateful note for consideration even if they don’t hire you.

Give the tone of you being able to contribute to the company not you looking for a job. A quick reiteration or summary of your skills and abilities and how you best fit the position or how you can be an asset to the company is mentioned.

Give them the possible ways to contact you e.g., where and when.

As an added note you may present your core competencies here that allow you to apply for that certain position you are applying for.

Second paragraph contains the detailed support or evidence why you are qualified to apply in the company for that certain job title.

Who is or are the intended audience or reader of the letter? Your correspondence would show how your communication skills are.

Details of your writing will speak volumes of your skills in persuasion, detailing, describing and being directional.


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