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According to APA (2010), "arguments should be presented in a noncombative manner" (p. Use standard American English spelling for all words, and if you are not sure if a word is a slang term, look it up in the dictionary. When I asked for their spin on their improvement, they just said the test felt like a piece of cake to them after I had implemented the new curriculum changes.When I was able to engage my students and get them interested in science, their test scores improved significantly.In this case, our message is, “An error has occurred.” Our tone will be how we communicate that message.

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Then we conducted qualitative usability testing and online surveys, measuring the impact of those tone qualities on users.

A quick Google search for “tone-of-voice words” will surface lists of hundreds of words used to describe literary tones.

(Most of them come from websites for undergraduate English courses).

You’ll quickly notice that most of those words have very specific meanings and connotations (e.g., “vexed” or “cynical”), and couldn’t be used to describe the tones of many (if any) websites.

The only variable we varied was the tone of voice: the two samples in a pair corresponded to different combinations of tone-of-voice dimensions.

For example, in the security industry, one sample was funny, casual, irreverent, and enthusiastic; and the other one was serious, neutral on the casual scale, respectful, and matter-of-fact.

refers to the writer's voice in a written work.

It is what the reader or hearer might perceive as the writer's attitude, bias, or personality.

Writing for the web is obviously different from writing prose (or at least it should be, since web users read very little.) Still, every scrap of writing on a page (from body copy to button labels and other UX copywriting) contributes to the tone of voice we’re using to speak to our users. It’s the way in which we communicate our personality.

Tone of voice is the way we tell our users how feel about our message, too.


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