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(True/False, let’s face it, is not a viable option past the third grade.) Because you have integrity, your syllabus reflects your choice of the exam style which you believe is most pedagogically sound.Therefore, this is not the time to regret your choice because “grading” multiple choice exams is infinitely easier than grading essays. 3/ Looking at your own after-class notes (which, let’s assume, you diligently kept), will refresh your memory of the issues that this year’s students found particularly interesting, troubling, or worthwhile.You’ll probably give yourself an “A,” but did you do as well as you thought you would?

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10/ Grading your own answer with your feedback sheet and then keying it to your syllabus and the pages of the Casebook and other assigned materials should keep you honest.

This week, we’d like to ask: What essay questions do you remember from the bar exam?

Do they actually resemble questions that you’ve seen in your practice or legal work?

13/ Proofing and reproofing cannot be neglected, especially given all the revisions you’ve been doing. Now is the time to enlist any friends you have who are not involved in the law.

You do have some friends outside the law, don’t you?


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