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These simple actions sake the boys conform to the school and conformity Is a major theme In ‘Dead Poet Mr.Seating’s informal attitude towards teaching challenges conformity. Keating and his students in the hall envelops both the students and Mr. With other teachers we have had a tracking shot or a low angle shot to show the superiority of the teacher.A proud, admiring feeling of Todd Is achieved with the angle looking up at him and the swelling music accompanying the shot.

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The camera zooms into a group of straight-faced and disciplined young boys who are reciting the four pillars until their faces only fill the screen.Thoughts that are not those of society are frowned upon."What he feels and thinks is what is currently popular to feel and think.Dead Poet Society is really a movie about conformity.Conformity Is a powerful and the most overwhelming theme In the movie ‘Dead Poet Society.Relationships, family, social life, and business are all based on his ability to conform to Zenith's preset standards of thought and action.All of Babbitt's thoughts are controlled by society.The close up was a very subtle way of having the screen showing only the boys saying the same four words as well as all looking the same.The schools conformity is also demonstrated when the headmaster coerces the students to sign a statement.All of Babbitt's thoughts are those of society, and thoughts that are not society's are ridiculed Babbitt works simply to raise his social status by means of increasing his material worth.Babbitt belongs to many popular clubs, the purposes of which he does not even completely understand. Babbitt does these things to perform for the other members of society.


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