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How can you prepare for the new Year 11 English Common Module?

Some questions that you should be asking are: Read on to find out how best to study for the new Year 11 English Common Module: Reading to Write. Stage 6 English is broken down into 3 Modules for Year 11 and 4 for Year 12.

Written communication skills are becoming increasingly important in an online content-heavy world.

In contrast, successful English students proof their work and assess its quality.

Students read texts that are engaging thematically, aesthetically, stylistically and/or conceptually to inspire or provoke them to critique skilfully, or to respond imaginatively.

Through the study of texts, students develop insights into the world around them, deepen their understanding of themselves and the lives of others, and enhance their enjoyment of reading.

Successful students will appraise and rewrite flawed work.

The Reading to Write Module teaches all Year 11 English Advanced and Standard students these important skills and processes.

In Year 11, all the students from English Standard and English Advanced take the same Module.

The Reading to Write Module should ensure that all Year 11 English Standard and Advanced students intending to sit the HSC, are introduced to the ideas and concepts they will need to succeed in Year 12.


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