Clockwork Orange Nadsat Essay

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Kubrick’s film does not have this same filter, despite the presence of Nadsat.

While in the book Nadsat was a way of masking graphic violence, the movie cannot use this function.

To compensate for this loss of pathos towards the protagonist, Kubrick makes a few artistic changes to the environment where Alex resides.

While Burgess’s vision of England mostly resembles reality (i.e.

Words such as “devotchka”, “malchick”, and “glazzy”, while initially unknown to the audience, are quickly understood as meaning girl, boy, and eyes by examining the many context clues written into the text (Cullnan 1).

This learning of the language develops while the reader is simultaneously learning about Alex and the world he inhabits, causing the audience to further assimilate into the society and disconnect from their own.

He is a violent gang member who assaults, robs, and rapes people purely for enjoyment.

There are a number of scenes in both the book and the film where Alex’s menace is shown as he terrorizes his friends, authority figures, and innocent strangers.

When translated to film, the HOME scene, while containing the same content present in the book, gives a very different effect to the audience.

The violence loses its disguise and what is left is an incredibly disturbing and brutal sequence (Kubrick –).


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