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ARR is the difference between the control group’s event rate Control event rate (CER) and the experimental group’s event rate Experimental event rate (EER).

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RRR is not considered a very good statistic as it makes insignificant findings appear significant and does not reflect the baseline risk of the outcome event.

However, RRR is very popular as it makes weak results look good Robert F.

For example, if the alpha value to reject or accept the null hypothesis is set to .5, then if the p-value is less than .05, the null hypothesis is rejected and the alternative hypothesis is accepted.

Otherwise, if the p-value is greater than .05, there is insufficient evidence to reject the null hypothesis or accept the alternative hypothesis.

For example, if 25 patients are in a control group and the event being studied is observed in 15 of those patients, the control event rate would be 15/25 = 0.60.

EER is the proportion of patients responding to the experimental treatment.

(2004) What is more important: Statistical significance or clinical significance?

Clinical significance can not exist except after statistical significance is confirmed for the experiment.

The difference is not sufficiently important to warrant clinical benefits (Burns & Grove 2007).

It is difficult to judge how much change would constitute clinical significance.


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