Christmas Problem Solving

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Note that it took a mathematician to find the "correct" solution.

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For more proficient students, make mental addition a game by having speed competitions. " worksheet is really a bit of pre-algebra, but we have put it into a subtraction section because really, most students who know subtraction facts will be able to figure out the missing terms. " multiplication worksheets challenge students to figure out what number is missing in each multiplication question.

There are a variety of levels to appeal to students who have grasped different parts of the multiplication tables.

The What's in the Gift division worksheets encourage students to apply their multiplication facts to division and algebraic situations.

Choose a level that is appropriate for your student.

  Once students experience the first two or three iterations of the Koch Snowflake, they will need to see a computer-generated version in order to see how the perimeter of this snowflake increases through many iterations.

Pascal's Penguins - 2 introduces a larger version of Pascal's triangle and encourages students to identify the different patterns within the triangle and use these patterns to fill in the missing penguin numbers.Have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy your time with family and friends.The Santa's Route activity is quite a challenge to complete if you are interested in the "correct" answer to the last question.[online article] Snow Crystal Photographs:   Capturing the fleeting beauty of snowflakes allows students to examine the structure of real snowflakes as captured by photographers around the world.[online gallery with links to other photo collections] How Many Ways Can You Make Snow?  Each student cuts his/her snowflake in half on the fold.  The snowflake halves are then scrambled and students must use symmetry to find the matching halves.What Makes a Snowflake Unique discusses efforts by the Cal Tech snow crystal team to answer the age-old question of whether or not all snowflakes are unique.  Read this short online article for some background information on current research methods and findings.The "Santa's List Addition" worksheets have a challenging bonus on them which requires adding long columns of numbers.Challenge your students to complete addition in their head, say using a left-to-right addition algorithm, instead of with paper and pencil.


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