Chicago Style Citation Master Thesis

Run-in quotations Generally, short quotations are integrated into the text and enclosed in double quotation marks.Block quotations Quotations longer than eight lines, as well as quotations that are the object of analysis, are generally set off from the text.It is important that the authors’ names cited in the body of your text correspond to the entries in the reference list.

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Emerson claims that “the spirit of our American radicalism is destructive and aimless.... As a necessary complement to in-text citations, you have to provide a fully-detailed list of references (also called bibliography) at the end of your work.

The list must be alphabetically ordered by authors' names, in order to help readers to locate the documents for themselves.

Any project, thesis or dissertation largely relies on information taken from other works.

You can draw upon a multiplicity of sources when writing a text, such as books, articles, statistics, websites, etc.

And, for this reason, those who are eminent in virtue usually do not stir up insurrections, always a minority.

Such are the beginnings and causes of the disturbances and revolutions to which every form of government is liable. It does not build, nor write, nor cherish the arts, nor foster religion, nor establish schools." The author-date method consists of very brief citations placed into the text, in parenthesis.

On the other hand, his mother’s mask never changes, her “even-tanned good looks” (56), “burnished visage” (101), and “air-brushed confidence” (211) providing the foil to the drama in her midst.

The list of reference include all the references cited in the text, alphabetically organized.

In case of very common names, write the full name instead of the initials.

The author’s last name is followed by his/her first name (the first name can be initialized).


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