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Materials like plastics, mass produced pharmaceuticals, cleaner forms of fossil fuels and genetic research are all made possible due to the work of chemical engineers.

The School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering offers graduate programs involving advanced-level coursework and independent research leading to MS and Ph D degrees in chemical engineering.

The MS degree can usually be obtained by coursework only, without a thesis.

Furthermore, the School of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering participates with other schools in offering MS and Ph D degrees in Bioengineering.

Chemical engineers apply math and science knowledge to create new manufacturing methods and develop new processes and proper safety procedures for working with chemicals.

Chemical engineering is an attractive field, not only for its interdisciplinary nature, but also because it tends to be less formal than other types of engineering.

Positions abound for those with bachelor’s to Ph D level degrees, and graduates are able to enter the field directly after completing coursework.While not all chemical engineering degree requirements include an internship or co-op component, these are excellent opportunities for gaining experience and building contacts in the field.Bachelor’s level students typically undertake these during their junior and/or senior years, while master’s and Ph D level students can elect to do so after their first year of studies.Individuals with a passion for engineering often find themselves using the various forms of a raw material to engineer multiple uses for them.As technology continues to inform every aspect of creation, design and production, chemical engineering promises to be a constantly evolving and fresh field of work.Sitting at the crossroads of design and operation, chemical engineering focuses on creating the chemical reactions needed to produce new materials and products.The field requires a mastery of both chemistry and engineering to see raw materials through the entire lifespan – varying from generating them in a laboratory to producing them in a plant.In addition to online job boards, going in with prior internship or co-op experience goes a long way in showing prospective employers an understanding of both the theoretical and practical skills needed to do the job well.The American Institute of Chemical Engineers provides numerous helpful resources for newly graduated job seekers, ranging from bi-annual virtual career fairs to resume assistance.Course selection for both the MS and doctoral degrees is quite flexible, with individual plans of study developed for each student.Research opportunities exist in a broad range of areas of importance to chemical engineers and society, including catalysis, reaction kinetics, complex fluids, microelectronics, microfluidics, optimization, bioinformatics, polymers, sustainable development, pulp and paper, separations, CO2 capture, biomedicine, solar energy, thermodynamics, MEMS, environmental science, reaction engineering, cancer diagnostics and therapeutics, biofuels, air quality, modeling, and process synthesis and control.


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