Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute Recruitment

Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute Recruitment-49
As a charter member of the Foundation and later through their family's generosity the Wollenbergs have steadfastly supported our students.The Foundation has been successful in our mission over the last 50 years largely because of the support of our member companies and friends of the Foundation.

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Current projects include studies of transient moisture sorption by paper materials, the effect of moisture on mechanical properties, influence of sheet structure on properties, use of image processing to characterize deformational behavior of paper, and determination of elastic constants of paper.

Process engineering links research with development, design, operation, and optimization of manufacturing methods and equipment, seeking improvement through technological innovation consistent with environmental and resource stewardship.

The paper machine is running faster, making a heavier sheet and using unique furnishes.

He is providing contract services for a growing number of clients.

When a company approaches you with a proposal to do business, do you ask "Are you a member of the Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation?

Central Pulp & Paper Research Institute Recruitment

" and then say "We consider membership an important part of the future of our industry." If you know of a firm that would benefit from Foundation membership, let me know.In the latter, extensive use is made of pilot plant facilities in Walters Hall.Current research projects include non-sulfur pulping, biopulping, chemicals and energy as byproducts, effects of wet pressing and press drying on sheet properties, pulping of tropical woods, and computer simulation and control of papermaking.This study area deals with colloidal phenomena in the papermaking process, in particular the interaction among fibers, fine particles, polymeric additives, and electrolytes in stock preparation and sheet formation.Research topics fall into two categories: fundamental colloidal behavior of particles and behavior of paper stock on the paper machine.Contract work provides our students the opportunity to work on real projects, with real schedules and results that are important. More than a dozen firms hosted our students and conducted interviews.Our members continue to appreciate the opportunity to engage students without the crowds and impersonal connection often encountered at job fairs.We are in the early stages of organizing out approach to maximizing the opportunity provided by the College of Engineering "Direct to College" (DTC) program.Briefly, DTC admits students to the College of Engineering as undeclared majors.Members, Alumni and Friends of the Foundation: Here it is February and time for my January "welcome back" note to our members, friends and students.We got together for the annual Dick's burgers event and shared our holiday stories.


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