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The cell phone has changed and developed so rapidly in the past decade that it seems as though almost anything you can imagine is possible for the future.According to Jones, the convergence of all our tech gadgets into one mobile device will continue to advance.“Now, we're seeing a very fast shift to where consumers don't even bother carrying their point-and-shoot cameras anymore, and just use their cell phones,” says Jamie Lendino, a tech journalist and senior mobile analyst for

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“They were primarily used in the sales and business world, but not often for personal use like you see today,” says Kreg Jones, an industrial designer and Industrial Design instructor at The Art Institute of Philadelphia.

Though the Dyna Tac and subsequent models were smaller, mobile, and ultimately cooler, they still had their faults.

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Visit for more related articles at Journal of Community Medicine & Health Education Background: Cell phones are being used by each and every one today.

The cell phones of today are also replacing our other gadgets, such as cameras and video cameras.

When cameras were first introduced on phones, the images were low quality and the feature was considered to just be an extra.Even the keyboard is being taken away, replaced by a touch screen keyboard that only comes out when you need it.The most obvious example of this is the Apple i Phone and subsequent competitors like the Droid models.“I believe in the future, cell phones will become even more naturally in sync with our biological reflexes and processes such as eye movement, thought processes, kinesthetic, cultural preferences,” she says.Received Date: April 05, 2013; Accepted Date: April 05, 2013; Published Date: May 23, 2013 Citation: Acharya JP, Acharya I, Waghrey D (2013) A Study on Some of the Common Health Effects of Cell-Phones amongst College Students. doi:10.4172/2161-0711.1000214 Copyright: © 2013 Acharya JP, et al.Original car phones and bag phones were as large as modern day computers and just as heavy.“Like computers, the cell phone over time has become drastically smaller,” Jones says.He anticipates that “the majority of the hardware and the software can be moved to ‘the cloud’ and the product will mainly be comprised of the input and the display.” “Within a few more years, I expect regular cell phones to disappear entirely.We may not even call smartphones ‘smart’ anymore and just drop the term altogether, the way we stopped saying ‘color TV’ and ‘hi-fi stereo’,” he says.Bulky, luggable models like the Nokia Mobira Talkman and the Motorola 2900 Bag Phone had longer battery lives and more talk time, making them more popular at the time.As the technology advanced, cell phone companies figured out how to pack all the features their customers wanted into a smaller, portable, more affordable model. Gradually, features like voicemail were added, but the main purpose was talk.


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