Cell Phone Boon Or Bane Essay

with the advancement of technology, we remain connected to our near and dear ones always.mobile phones usage should be controlled so that it does not get tagged as ban Point: everything in ds world has many advantages nd disadvantages so do mobiles too.

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The another disadvantage of mobile is the birds are start dying due to radiation released by mobile towers.

Thank you Point: mobile phone is similar to taking drugs,by taking drugs a healthy human gets injured in the same way by using a mobile phone due to radiations a healthy human is affected with dreadful diseases Point: in my point of view mobile is ban and boon,hw to we handel tat mobile?

but it is well said excess of any thing is bad we should not use it excessively.

Point: it is right that because of mobiles we are able to talk to people who are far away from us but at the same time,in oder to talk with people who are far away from us we are ignoring and spend less time with our family and friends.

Point: Hi friends from my point of view Mobile phones are not necessary for children they don't know how to use and misuse so stay away from children .

it is helpful to us when we use under the control ..Nd as per my friends saying over utilisation of any technology leads to disadvantages Point: Mobile phones is boon our life bcz we can talk to each other we can get many knowledge like as wats up.dictionary we can find easily many thing now days mostly person hs no wrist watch so they can read tym anytime n any were..n etc..its boon Point: Since the dawn of human civlisation man has been creating things tomeet his needs.just u thinking of urself...u get its ban or boon...mobile phone is very useful to communication ana who is sit for so far,and some urgent,and informative etc,bt at same time tat is very dangerous,bcz it causes many accident,and using wrong ways to took photos,camera,and phone number also..children were aditing mobile like drugs...Point: Every coin has two sides.similarly everything has two sides.likewise,mobile too has its bad and good is on us how we use our we use it for our good cause then its a boon otherwise its a curse.Point: i think mobile should not be ban because number of people totaly depends on mobile because they are doing our business with help of mobile at this time mobil phone is very necessary thingh if we talk about the basic need of any human is food same thing is that mobile phone is basic of human Point: I think mobile phone is a boon.We have a lot of inventions its on us that how we use these we have atomic reaction whether we can use this for destroy something or we can use for energy.similarly if we use a mobile phone according to our limited need then surely it is a boon.Point: Mobiles are detaching family as everbody is now a days busy in some or the other work on mobile phone even at the time of dinner etc.Due to which there is no time for family members to have a general talk as it used to be earlier.As a parent, it is your responsibility to expose your child to the technology in a healthy and safer manner.Point: Mobile phone is boon or ban,it depends upon our use.


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