Career Research Assignment

Career Research Assignment-57
Students can also have a resume prepared and present it to the interview panel.You can add some humor to the simulation by assigning roles to the various interviewers.To submit this assignment, create a Word document listing your major and transfer plans along with the courses you plan to take this summer and next fall. If you have any difficulties completing this assignment, please let me know. As a resource for this assignment, use the sample resumes in this chapter. I have revised this resume for my daughter who was a business major at SDSU.

Inventing the perfect resume helps students to think about the future as well as learning resume skills.

Be sure to ask your students for permission to use their papers. As an alternative to writing a paper on the career research, give students the option of preparing a Power Point presentation on the career that they have researched.

Include career information as well as how the career matches personal characteristics such as personality, interests, values and learning style. This is a good opportunity to invite a guest speaker from the college Career Center to speak to the class.

It is OK with me if you merely delete the information and add your own using the same format.

You will need a college catalog to complete the Key Related Courses category.


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