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The lack of (loud city) noise combined with the color of the vanishing sun is quite an experience…As there are no artificial light sources at Tom Thomson Lake you have a terrific view of the stars.

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As he offered a transfer from Huntsville, I added another destination to my round trip (see later essay).

At the first day Stuart picked me up at my Motel in Huntsville and gave me the opportunity to store some of my baggage at his new farm in Dwight. Our group really was small : two guys from the Bermudas, the guide — Andrew — and me.

I liked the idea of camping in the wild and after some research of different tour operators I decided to trust the numerous great reviews of Algonquin Park Tours and contacted Stuart Letovsky.

He is very professional and even gave some advice how to include this canoe trip into my vacation.

The Parkbus schedule is very limited so I looked for multi-​day trips which were organized in small groups.

In general there are two kinds of trips, one includes the conveniences of a log cabin and the other one is basically a organized camping trip.After un-​securing our food (against wild animals) and packing our gear we left the camp site shortly before noon.We took the same route back but because of the different daytime everything seemed new to me.The perfect weather gave us spectacular views of different colored trees and plants.The clear and dark water of the lakes combined with the deep blues of the sky gave numerous photo opportunities.If I happen to catch a fish, I’ll bring it back to the camper for dinner.No camping trip is ever finished without a good bonfire.On the way we had to portage the canoes to Joe Lake, as not all lakes (there are over Afterwards we watched to sundown and Andrew answered all questions we had about camping and the park in general.It was a peaceful and quiet atmosphere I probably will not forget so fast.This is just a way we like to bond during our camp trip.Around the time I go camping is also around the time NASCAR season is in gear.


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