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Often none of these planning activities are coordinated with each other.

Often none of these planning activities are coordinated with each other.

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Regardless of its origin, this statement highlights a paradox that can easily be applied to business planning.

A plan has no value if it can’t be adapted to shifting circumstances. Does that mean we should give up on planning altogether?

In addition, most plans are created for the wrong reasons altogether.

People often create business plans to express a need for external financing or support for their business.

Everything does not always go according to plan, but planning is still important.

The simplest way to improve the business plan is to make the planning period shorter.The justification for longer plan periods is often that bankers and investors want a forecast that shows when they will get their money back.Unfortunately, these forecasts are often based on failing preconditions.Implementation of the plan is poorly described, so most companies end up without a properly functioning internal plan.Nothing in the plan translates visions and ideas into daily tasks, which makes it difficult to follow up and assess development.The difference between ambitions and reality can create conflicts between you as an entrepreneur and your financial partners.In addition, you may have to explain why changes in business conditions make it smart to diverge from the original plan.The plan is simply far too optimistic and lacks necessary skepticism and risk assessment.The other major problem is that these external business plans are useless as a tool for managing the company.The “Lean Startup” movement (Steve Blank, 2005 and Eric Ries, 2001) claims that the ability to make adaptations and changes to your plan is much more important than the quality of the first version of the plan.The problem is that business plan critics do not offer an alternative method.


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