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Just because franchisors do not own the individual franchises, it doesn't mean that they're necessarily "off the hook" if something goes wrong with a unit.

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However, as Mc Donald’s cannot guarantee that the economic and demographic factors at a specific restaurant location will remain constant, Joorney Business Plans develops in-depth local market analyses with the expected local economic and demographic trends.

A Mc Donald’s restaurant is required to comply with various local, state, and federal laws, including health and sanitation laws and menu-labeling requirements.

Thus, the risk of possible failure is transferred to the franchisee who is responsible for coming up with the initial capital.

For new business owners with little business experience, franchising gives them a successful business model to follow, which can relieve some of the uncertainty associated with starting a business venture from scratch.

Examine the franchise agreement closely so you gain a clear understanding of your rights and obligations.

A franchise business plan can help you get your plans in order and help you pitch the franchise opportunity to family and investors. Mc Donald’s selects the site for location of a restaurant and negotiates the location’s purchase or lease.The choice of location is based on a variety of factors such as population density, traffic patterns, and competition.Joorney Business Plan Writers have experience helping Mc Donald’s franchisees create a timeline of activities, including obtaining licenses, with a particular focus on the initial year, as per requirements of the investors and immigration services.All Mc Donald’s franchisees must complete a training program successfully before signing the franchise agreement.In return, the franchisee agrees to follow the franchisor's business model and to pay the franchisor royalties based on a percentage of unit sales.Franchising allows business owners to grow their businesses without having to spend substantial amounts of their own money to build new units.Franchising allows a business owner to grown a business by selling the rights to use her brand and business model instead of building new units on her own.A franchise can be a good way for a novice entrepreneur to get started because he can follow a successful business blueprint.When writing a business plan for a Mc Donald’s franchise it is important to demonstrate the in-depth understanding of the franchise agreement as all Mc Donald’s restaurants must operate in line with the “Mc Donald’s System”, a concept of restaurant operations that includes, among others, rights in trademarks, manuals, and other confidential business information, and operational, real estate, and marketing information.According to IBISWorld, Mc Donald’s has 37,000 restaurants in over 100 countries, out of which more than 90% are operated by franchisees, the remainder being company-operated stores.


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