Business Plan For Plumbing Company

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Read our guide to choosing a legal structure for your business for more details.

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But remember, self-employed plumbers set their own rates, so the amount you earn can vary.

It will depend on things like location, the type of work you do (think domestic versus commercial), and what your competition is charging.

Plumbers are also expected to be on call at evenings and weekends, heading to jobs at the last minute if a client is facing an emergency.

Although this can be stressful, seeing the joy on someone’s face after you’ve fixed what’s gone wrong can be very rewarding.

In a house, the plumbing is built for just a few people.

In an office building, the plumbing might service thousands, meaning greater demand on the system.

There will be lots of floors, which means the plumbing is more complex, and you need to think more about things like gravity and water pressure.

Similarly, the size of the contracts will be larger.

We have a guide to writing a business plan, so take a look if this is next on your to-do list.

There are some legal considerations that all new companies face – a big one is deciding on a legal structure.


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