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If you have no previous experience, explain why you feel you have a talent for sales.

If you have no previous experience, explain why you feel you have a talent for sales.

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I suggest you print it and tape it to your wall, then read it before every job interview you conduct.

Volpe explains, step by step, how to get marketing candidates to show you a plan for how they’ll do a job.

Those that can’t get past these challenges don’t deserve your time.

In a nutshell, Volpe asks candidates to do—in the interview—exactly the kind of work they’d be doing if he hired them: • Go to the whiteboard and "Draw a funnel …

My favorite answers: “the budget” and “how much salary he wants.” What Gerry actually wrote down was his estimate—based on his plan—of how much profit he thought he could bring to the bottom line.

(We covered some of the details of this interview approach in “Salary Surveys: How To Prove You’re Worth More Money.”) When Gerry was done, the exec left the room and came back with four other managers.

Create a table projecting monthly sales goals, the number of transactions required to meet those goals, and explain how you plan to achieve those transactions.

Outline the details of your target customers and describe what makes them want to buy.

showing 10,000 visitors, 500 leads, 50 opportunities, and 10 new customers.” Then show how you’ll improve the lead conversion rate, explain why it will work, and what the outcome will be.

• Look at this spreadsheet with 10,000 old leads in it. ” Volpe is looking for specific ideas and statistical methods relevant to the case at hand that the candidate would use to examine multiple variables—not simplistic answers for just any situation.


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