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However, if CSG is able to generate substantial work in a pipeline, the members will then consider working for CSG full-time.To finish writing your business financial plan, ensure that you add assumptions and summary or discussion notes to your plan.Typically these assumptions are listed at the end of your business financial plan.SUMMARY OF FINANCIALSThe market for the Cambridge Strategy Group's services is enormous.Success in this market will be limited only by the amount of time and effort that CSG spends on finding new clients and managing growth.The industry standards are for the business consulting industry.However, there are some deviation between CSG and the standards that reflect our focus on small businesses.These comparisons help you conduct a comprehensive business finance analysis and assess whether or not you are tracking, or out-performing, your competitors.If the only comparisons or samples you can access are of different sized companies (much larger or much smaller), use weighted averages to help you compare.You need to know the direction you want to go, and you need the strategy and the plan to help you get there.But once you've built the plan, you must execute it.


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