Business Fire Escape Plan

The faster and easier that someone can look at your map and find out what they need to know, the better.

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After OSHA fined JJ’s Restaurant in Kansas City for not having an adequate evacuation plan at the time of a gas explosion and fire earlier this year, businesses including restaurants in Kansas City are mulling over the need for evacuation plans.

Whether it is a gigantic workforce or a handful of employees, businesses need to have an emergency action plan.

Create a chain of command so that others are authorized to act in case the designated person is not available.

Appoint at least one evacuation warden for every 20 workers.

If you do this, use fine-tipped markers for the colored elements.

You can also use the drawing tools in a program like Microsoft Word or a drawing program like Photoshop.

An ordinary picture frame will do for displaying your maps, and you can get “frameless” picture frames at any stationary store that look clean and professional. ← Check out Mission Critical, the business continuity and disaster recovery planning template for Microsoft Word.

In addition to exit signs that guide people to safety, some buildings — like hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and high-rise buildings — are required to post an evacuation diagram.

These diagrams are critical to the safe evacuation of people during an emergency.

However, there is no fire or building code standard for building evacuation diagrams: what they must contain, where they are located, what language(s) they must use, or any other item that may go on a diagram.


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