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Here is what you're getting: A simple title page will set the tone for your presentation.It should be clean, simple and professional since you are presenting an important aspect of your business. Any important information that will affect your plan should be presented in this slide.

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Should disaster strike you don’t want to discover that your business continuity plan doesn’t actually work – you’ll have other stuff to worry about! Organise a dry run during a quiet period and simulate a power cut or an earthquake – you could even turn it into a fun team building exercise.

Walk through every step of your continuity plan and ensure each task is achievable, straightforward and necessary.

Plus, disturbances in operations can negatively affect customer satisfaction, which will then likely impact your income.

No matter the size of a business, there are unforeseen circumstances that can affect your operations if you don't prepare ahead of time.

With your plan, you are able to prepare your finances when such a thing happens.

Because unforeseen circumstances and disasters affect the entire company, you need to be able to present your plan to stakeholders so that they can have confidence that you are prepared no matter what happens. To help you organize your ideas in the presentation, you can use our template.Your continuity plan, therefore, should be as detailed as possible, with simple steps that people can follow even if they are extremely pressured or rushed – think of it as an IKEA instruction manual to rebuild your business.It should clearly set out who will have responsibility for each task that needs completing, what order they should be completed in, and where the relevant person can find the materials or equipment they need to complete their task (e.g.To ensure that you can minimize damages and continue operations despite these circumstances, you need a plan.To be specific, here are a few reasons why a business continuity plan is important: When disaster strikes, you can't expect your personnel to know what to do in the situation without having a concrete plan that came directly from you, the redirection forms if your office is inaccessible, or a cellular internet connection that can be used if your office broadband goes down).Events that will lead to your business continuity plan being needed – “incidents” – will usually fall into one of a few categories: Your continuity plan should cover every possible incident within these three categories. Fires, natural disasters, sudden illness; these are things that happen to other people. The floods in the winter of 2013/14 affected more than half a million businesses around the UK, and many of those were unable to operate at all due to cut-off transport links or flooded premises which prevented them from taking delivery from suppliers or servicing their customers. In 2013/14 there were 2,500 fires in industrial premises in the UK, 246,000 workplace injuries occurred, and 180 workers were killed on the job.We’ve put together a handy template if you’re putting together your own business continuity plan, based on the actual business continuity plan we use here at Crunch.Download it, fill it out, test it, and be prepared.


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