Brians Winter Essay

Paulsen considers one of his favorite books he has written.He has had many of the experiences that Brian has in the novel: he spent time living in the woods in order to get away from his family and their destructive tendencies.

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Some of his best adventure works, such as the Brian books, are parts of series that center on particular characters.

Paulsen’s writing style is most often visual, with a stress on realistic settings.

The man with short blond hair - Brian's mother is seeing the man with the short blond hair.

Brian feels an intense repulsion at the notion of this man, and hatred sweeps over him every time he thinks about him.

It takes place in the Canadian wilderness, where Brian Robeson’s, who is 13 yrs. Brian shows a lot of determination and strength, to be able to survive in the wilderness, with no one else.

The story starts out with Brian in the city, he lives with his mother, who is divorced.

After that, he takes his hatchet and cuts small pieces of bark. Then he takes his hatchet and hits a rock with a great blow and sparks catch the bark on fire.

He hits another blow and the sparks catch the twigs on fire. This process shows that whatever Brian sets his mind to he can do it.

The majority of the novel takes place in a remote Canadian forest, where Brian makes a camp beside a lake and spends nearly two months trying to survive until he is rescued.

The novel caries important themes of respecting and understanding the natural world and the way it functions, and over the course of his two months there Brian truly becomes a part of the natural world around him.


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