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He knows that people have the capability to reason and have feelings for one another.

Although we can see that he wants to be an individual, he decides not to be, and treats other people like they are not, mostly due to the pressure to be meaningless from the World State and the people around him.

When people do not agree with the society or culture around them, human nature often makes it difficult for them to make their concerns known to their peers, allowing this desire to go against the grain to grow inside them.

This inner want to change the system has lead to much literature, and many characters devoted to describing the difficulties of breaking the societal mold, especially in the modern era.

This standard is what constitutes John the Savage's actions just as his name suggests, savage. It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night, Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear; Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear…” Huxley 178. In this scene, Romeo see's Juliet for the first time, and similarly this is when John see's Lenina for the first time.

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John is well versed in numerous Shakespeare works, and is seen quoting Shakespeare during deep emotional states of mind. John the Savage uses Shakespeare to have some sort of human connection based on the similar feelings that he has and the characters in these pieces of work.While Bernard is labeled an Alpha, he understands that he and his mindset cannot truly be alpha, as he views everybody as equal, and does not view himself as better, simply because he is an alpha.This shows that his inner stress and anger is literally stunting his growth, because genetically, he would be very similar to the other alphas, and thus have genetically similar height to them.John's abstention from sex casts him as an outsider and is compounded by his desire of reading Shakespeare works.This devotion to literature is exactly against the World State standards, but it is the only outlet that has allowed John to connect with another human's emotions.We are constantly going against are better judgement to please the world around us, just like Bernard.Although his short stature and portly profile are an outward appearance, they symbolize his inability to completely fit in society because he is always thinking about what is wrong.It's the exact opposite of what is considered taboo in our world.Every person in the World State, "belongs to each other." As a World State citizen, you are free to have sex with whomever you please."History is bunk" is repeated in the Hatchery when the DHC is speaking to the future workers of the World State.This society has now deemed that old literary works, religion, and history have no place among the World State therefore they shall be locked away from all people to read.


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