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[tags: Braided Lives] - Relationships in Braided Lives In Marge Piercy's Braided Lives, Jill goes through many consecutive, turbulent relationships with men.

This pattern begins with her father, continues with her best friend, and then continues through many other relationships in her college years.

A few examples Brenda Miller: “36 Holes.” Nicole Breit: “Spectrum.” (CNFC award winner!

- Parallel Voices in Braided Lives The parallel voice is a device which is present in Marge Piercy's novel, Braided Lives.

Each relationship affects Jill and how she views men and herself. In fact, most of the male-female relationships in the novel are not positive experiences for the women involved....

[tags: Braided Lives] - Feminism in Braided Lives Marge Piercy is well known for her feminist views and attitudes throughout her novels. The novel follows Piercy's pattern of feminist writing.

The parallel voices of the young and adult narrator give insight to the changes that have occurred in her life.

According to one critic, "Jill is survivor, and she chooses to examine her own past out of a strong commitment to the present" (Gold 378)....

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