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The process moves toward the goal stage as a solution is found. The next step of the problem-solving cycle is to form a strategy to solve the problem.

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Problem-solvers try various move sequences while attempting to reach a solution.

In the famous Tower of London task, problem-solvers have to figure out how to move a set of coloured same-sized disks piled over three pegs by moving only one disk at a time, aiming a specific target configuration.

The third method uses artificial intelligence models to insert human problem-solving theories into computer programmes.

Under the so-called "move problems" method of problem-solving, a group of tasks or objects needs to be manipulated by problem-solvers and arranged so that a goal configuration is accomplished.

For example, techniques such as brainstorming are useful for generating various ideas and selecting the most appropriate approach to solving the problem.

When choosing the best strategy, problem-solvers may need to consider a number of factors.Problem-solvers should monitor the progress of their efforts.If the problem-solving process does not work efficiently, the problem-solver may need to redefine the problem itself or to draw up a different strategy.Researchers in the field of problem-solving have shown that there are three general approaches to investigating problem-solving.The first method involves laboratory experiments with controlled variables.In this case the nature of the problem is controlled by the researcher.The second approach comprises analyses of verbal protocols, where problem-solvers talk aloud during the process.Problem-solving can be defined as a mental process comprising the discovery, analysis and resolution of problems. Anderson, any goal-directed sequence of cognitive operations can be defined as problem-solving.This process is primarily aimed at tackling obstacles and discovering a resolution that best solves the issue. Problems can be placed in categories depending on several factors.We reached out to leading experts in the business field to find out which books they recommend to master business problem-solving.Here is what they suggested…This is Kahneman's magnum opus and summarizes his research into decision making from the past 30 years.


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