Bloody Sunday 1905 Essay

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Sparked after several events that had made living standards impossible over the years, groups of workingmen had gathered with George Gapon who had drawn up a petition demanding better care over the workers.

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Unrest continued among the peasantry and laboring classes, but the government felt sufficiently secure to arrest the leadership of the St.

Petersburg Soviet, on December 16, and a subsequent uprising, in which a number of Bolsheviks took part, was brutally crushed.

They learnt how to manage and scheme plans in order to succeed by the method of force.

In a different sense, some people gained more profits out of the incident in 1905.

However, there are pointers that suggest that they didn?

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t learn and gain anything out of the 1905 revolution.

The 1905 Revolution had its roots in the Russo-Japanese War, which had begun in February of 1904.

Advisers to the Tsar, Nicholas II, had viewed it as an excellent way to improve Russia's position in the Pacific and to encourage patriotic feeling at home.

Why did workingmen want to present a petition to the Tsar on 22nd January 1905?

[7] There are several reasons as to why workingmen in the city of St.


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