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Wright ends the book by resolving to use his writing as a way to start a revolution: asserting that everyone has a "hunger" for life that needs to be filled.For Wright, writing is his way to the human heart, and therefore, the closest cure to his hunger.He continues to feel more out of place as he grows older and comes in contact with the Jim Crow racism of the 1920s South.

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When Richard tries to leave the party, he is accused of trying to lead others away from it.

After witnessing the trial of another black Communist for counter-revolutionary activity, Wright decides to abandon the party.

They invite him to the John Reed Club, an organization that promotes the arts and social change.

He becomes involved with a magazine called Left Front and slowly immerses himself in the writers and artists in the Communist Party.

Black Boy (1945) is a memoir by black American author Richard Wright, detailing his upbringing.

Wright describes his youth in the South: Mississippi, Arkansas and Tennessee, and his eventual move to Chicago, where he establishes his writing career and becomes involved with the Communist Party.In an effort to achieve his dreams of moving north, Wright steals and lies until he attains enough money for a ticket to Memphis.Wright’s aspirations of escaping racism in his move North are quickly disillusioned as he encounters similar prejudices and oppressions amidst the people in Memphis, prompting him to continue his journeys towards Chicago.These motifs include violence, religion, starvation, familial unity and lack thereof, literacy, and the North Star as a guide towards freedom.Regardless of Wright's efforts to break free from this violent lifestyle, a society based on differences will always feed on an inescapable discourse.Despite the efforts of various people and groups to take Wright in, he essentially raises himself with no central home.He quickly chafes against his surroundings, reading instead of playing with other children, and rejecting the church in favor of agnosticism at a young age.The genre of Richard Wright’s Black Boy is a longstanding controversy due to the ambiguity.Black Boy follows Wright’s childhood with a degree of accuracy that suggests it exists as an autobiography, although Wright never confirmed nor denied whether the book was entirely autobiographical or fictitious.At this time, his family is still suffering in poverty, his mother is disabled by a stroke, and his relatives constantly interrogate him about his atheism and "pointless" reading.He finds a job at the post office, where he meets white men who share his cynical view of the world and religion.


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