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(Sometimes you have multiple things to do in one class and it’s easier to put it in more specific categories.) Other than that, I truly love this app so far, which says a lot as I’m writing a review!

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So, if your child is trying to learn a musical instrument and struggling, considering investing in Yousician; an app that allows students to practice guitar, bass, piano, or even, ukulele.

Students can practice their instruments along with charts and diagrams are shown onscreen, able to receive real-time feedback when they are not correctly in tune or may have missed a note.

Getting homework done can be a difficult process for a child.

While the information might add up in the classroom, some students have problems retaining that knowledge later in the evening.

I love the different features such as color-coded classes, the calendar feature, and the nice countdown clock that they give you to show exactly how many hours/days you have until the assignment is due.

However, my favorite feature is the priority rating option they give you.The thing is that sometimes things get slow and then you break your groove, so a good fast browser like Brave is necessary"You are reading through a detailed list of the best homework planner apps for i Phone or i Pad according to 26 users.Have a look at 6 apps and choose the one that best fits your needs.Included step-by-step video tutorials are also available to show your child how to master a specific skill set successfully.Practicing an instrument has never seemed so natural, and with different genres of music available, your child can quickly sort out their favorites to practice.Ready to increase your knowledge in math, science, computing, history, economics, and more outside of the classroom?Whether as an educational tool for the content your child is currently learning, or an extra app for a parent to enjoy in their free time — everyone can use Khan Academy to unlock a world of education.With over thirty different languages to choose, your child can practice their German, Italian, Spanish, French, or other language skills.If your student is currently enrolled in ESL courses, they can also strengthen their English skills from the bottom-up — testing out of content they might already be familiar with.Children can easily scan complex or simple math problems, learning how to solve them thanks to step-by-step instructions.A built-in calculator improves the experience, allowing for smart on the fly calculations and 2D graph plotting abilities.


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