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Contingency Contracting This is one of the easiest and simplest operant conditioning methods.This entails an agreement made between a smoker and a person who is close to the smoker.

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Introduction A behavioral change technique in smoking is a theory or a technique that involves the psychological theory and psychotherapy techniques.

This cognitive behavior therapy is employed to create a more conducive environment that helps to change dysfunctional reactions and to create the behaviors that are adoptive.

The reward assurance usually generates a positive reinforcement for smoking behaviors (Brain, 2002).

It is important to note that human beings easily adopt and get accustomed in order to communicate and socialize.

The reward money acts as the reinforcement to the smoker for nonsmoking.

As a result, the smoker puts more efforts not to smoke the following week in order to receive the money at the end of the consecutive week.The person might be a relative, a wife, a husband or a friend.The set person as agreed makes a reward and consequences for either nonsmoking or for smoking.In order to ensure that this technique works, the nonsmoking behavior is rewarded for a long period with the smokers consent.The theoretical approach in this case is a very efficient approach that focuses on the smokers’ relationship with other people and the health behaviors.This paper seeks to discuss and analyze these techniques.Behavior Change Techniques in Smoking Smoking is a behavior, whereby the tobacco or the cannabis substances are burned and inhaled.The personal and social factors are likely to cause smoking among most of people.However, according to psychologists, the smoking behavior is a result of the operant conditioning.This plan is effective because it clearly points out the precise reward to be relieved for every day and every week passing without smoking and, thus, has to be adhered to (Rebecca, 2004).Self-Punishment The self punishment method entails an immediate punishment that is effective in helping the individual to unlearn the behavior of smoking.


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