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So you get to your keyboard and go to work and start writing.Well, perhaps your typewriter, pen or pencil if you are still so inclined.

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The best fiction writers write like they’re in love—and edit like they’re in charge. The fix is simple: Put something unexpected in every scene. Because when you lose the verve for your material, it shows. The surest way is by going deeper into your characters. Maybe you’ve already done an extensive bio for your main character. Keep the best of the old material, but put in plenty that’s new. Create an account of what happened at that crucial stage. Also, try focusing on what your protagonist yearns for.

First drafting should be a wild and wonderful ride, full of discovery, dreams and promises. We yearn because we feel a lack, a need, a hole in our souls. This, in fact, is the power of mythology, some of the best storytelling of all time.

Long sentences that fill a page or a screen can have the negative effect of boring a reader to death and having them turn the page in the shortest time you could possibly imagine because they get confused and can’t understand what it is that you are trying to explain or say about your acumen at pruning roses.

The difference between poor writers and bad writing, and good writers and great writing is the understanding that writing is a craft. Now you can write and craft your writing with confidence and feel good in knowing that your readers will appreciate the effort you have made to write something wonderful for them.

Unclear antecedent pronouns, pronouns, relative pronouns and adverbs such as there, it, this, that, these and those can all interfere with clarity.

Word repetition should be corrected by adding variety. Always look for alternatives by varying your syntax and using synonyms to replace weak and repeated words.They also have excellent habits and a strict and set writing process, which can be described in three words. It doesn’t matter if you are writing a book, a short story or a high school essay.It is not important if the writing is replete with grammatical or spelling errors and typos.But at some point you have to settle down and make the book really work. Joseph Campbell taught that myths were a way of gaining connection to something transcendent, a life source, an essential mystery.You need to approach your manuscript with sober objectivity and knowledge of the craft. Readers, too, yearn for connection—with stories they can get lost in and be moved by.He served as fiction columnist for Writer’s Digest magazine, to which he frequently contributes, and has written three additional craft books for Writer’s Digest Books including Revision & Self-Editing, The Art of War for Writers and Conflict & Suspense Chief among the most common problems, in first chapters especially, are scenes presenting characters who are perfectly happy in their ordinary worlds. The writer thinks that by showing nice people doing nice things, readers will care about these pleasant folk when the characters are finally hit with a problem. First, make sure you can “hear” every character in a distinct voice. Poor, inexperienced or bad writers think that the job is finished after the first draft.Great writers know there is still a lot of work to be done.But no reader should ever be subjected to reading a writer’s first draft.A good writer knows a draft is a draft and that it is still a piece of work in progress.


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