Atticus Finch Character Analysis Essay

Naturally, a pretty girl finds it difficult to run, climb trees and kick people in a puffy skirt.She immediately rebels against her aunt, fighting for her freedom the pants embodied.

She, as a girl, is expected to be tender, gentle and love dolls and cooking and also she doesn’t have her mother around her to teach her femininity. Finch for a while to compensate the lack of female role model for her, she pushes poor Scout too hard.

Aunt Alexandra starts from taking away all Scout’s pants and dressing her up in a girly way.

Finch, showed Scout that the real ladylike behaviour isn’t only about being pretty: it’s about willpower, strength and composure – the traits values as much as her father. But the most important event for the development of Scout’s personality was the start of her relationship with Boo Radley.

She thinks a lot about him, not even knowing who he is for real.

She hated the stereotypical girly things (though they weren’t as bad as she saw it) and even described her living with Alexandra in vivid and desperate words: “I felt the starched walls of a pink cotton penitentiary closing in on me, and for the second time in my life I thought of running away”.

ends with Tom’s death, Scout sees the example of being a lady that isn’t connected with pink dresses and cooking.Here is the quote from the ending part of the book that illustrates her thoughts: “Neighbors bring food with death and flowers with sickness and little things in between. He gave us two soap dolls, a broken watch and chain, a pair of good-luck pennies, and our lives. We never put back into the tree what we took out of it: we had given him nothing, and it made me sad.”Throughout the four years of her life described in the story, Scout grew up a lot.From the tomboy, ready to fight for everything and faithful for her ideals, she turns to the rebellious girl that tries to prove her ideals to the entire world, but suddenly realizes that the world has objections.Though, she still has a hair-trigger temper, she starts her way to mastering her emotions and thinking before acting.Finally, she agrees that there are lots of other variants of settling down the quarrels and they are sometimes better.She finds another kind of higher nobility in avoiding the fights like it serves a greater goal. Before she thought that every problem can be fixed very quickly and whoever hits harder is right.But after she has to search for other ways, starts to think about the real meaning of justice, diplomacy and superiority of intelligence over physical strength. Atticus Finch, a lawyer living in the small American town.As we learn from reading the story, her nickname, Scout, has a lot to say about her personality.Atticus, but the incredible naivete and lack of experience are her own.This trait causes lots of her quarrels with her older brother, Jem, who, while being the same kind of idealist, is almost a young adult man with all the load of social expectations placed on him.


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