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At college or university students are often tested using a special type of academic work, called a research paper.

The main aim of these tasks is to teach students to deeply analyze suggested topic and share their thoughts on the problem or thesis statement, as well as help them to represent their opinion about key aspects of the topic.

This assignment addresses students’ research and critical analysis skills. Students locate and cite one article from a conservative publication, and another on the same topic from a liberal publication. Students find two journal articles on the same topic, and, in a short paper, compare, contrast and evaluate the two articles according to the quality of their research. Teaches writing, critical thinking, and research skills.

Students then compare, contrast and evaluate the two articles. This assignment helps sharpen students' skills of critical evaluation, and helps them appreciate the importance of good research. Without doing any research, students write a letter in which they take a position on a contemporary issue.

Students then share letters with their classmates, with whom they give and receive feedback on ways that the letter could be substantiated and improved.

Students then develop a short research paper from the letter. using Bloom's taxonomy) Try the assignment yourself to see where students might get hung-up Take advantage of the library’s research services (e.g.


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