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It won't get you a patent faster, but it will protect you, whether you're the inventor or the other party interested in the rights. If you want to make sure the right person has the rights to your new idea when you get the government's stamp of approval for its originality, you can jump the gun with a Patent Application Assignment.

It won't get you a patent faster, but it will protect you, whether you're the inventor or the other party interested in the rights.

Once assigned, the application cannot be withdrawn without the permission of the assignee (Patent Act s. Patents can be assigned in law, in whole or in part, by a written document (Patent Act s. The co-owner of a patent cannot divide his part ownership into two or more parts without the concurrence of all owners of the patent (Forget v. The Federal Court of Canada has jurisdiction to change the records of the Patent Office respecting title to a patent to vary or expunge an entry (Patent Act s.

If the rights to a patent are assigned (or if an exclusive licence is granted - something analogous to an assignment), the assignment (or exclusive licence) must be filed in the Patent Office (Patent Act s. If there are two assignments affecting a patent, it is the first assignment to be filed in the Patent Office that governs (Patent Act s. In the United States, where the Applicant is always the inventor(s), if the rights to the invention have been assigned to someone else, the patent will issue to the assignee.

There is no set time frame for recordation of an assignment.

However, if during prosecution the applicant wishes to file an appeal, a Power of Attorney must be submitted and in order to submit the power of attorney it is necessary to record the assignment.If there is a dispute over the inclusion or omission of any specific design patent(s) that the partiescannot resolve in good faith, then such dispute with respect to such specific design patent(s) shall be governed by Section 10.10.Notwithstanding the foregoing, the commemorative design patents set forth on Section 5.23 of the Sellers’ Disclosure Schedules will not be transferred as part of the Pre-Closing Transactions; provided that Seller agrees, on behalf of itself and its Affiliates, that it shall not, directly or indirectly, sell, license, use or grant others rights to use such commemorative design patents to commercialize food and beverages, except in the case of promotional activities of Seller and its Affiliates that do not directly generate any revenue.If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at [email protected] you've invented a great new product and you don't want to wait years before you start profiting from it, you can file a Patent Application Assignment to transfer or sell your rights ahead of time.An assignee has the right to exclude others from using the patent.To be enforceable, the assignment must be in writing and signed.For issued patents, it takes about two weeks from the date the assignment is filed until it is recorded and about one month until we receive notice thereof from the JPO.For patent applications, it takes about two months from the date the assignment is filed until it is recorded (the JPO will not issue any notice thereof for patent applications).For issued patents, the JPO will issue a Notification of Completion of Patent Registration when a transfer of the patent right has been registered at the JPO.Such a confirmation document will not be issued for patent applications. If an assignment document has been filed with the JPO, anyone will be able to gain access to the information by obtaining the file history through the JPO website or the file wrapper from the JPO database.


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