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Search Sources: Look at Books, Articles, web sites, etc.An assignment of leadership holds the strength to talk about various leadership goals and experiments which are executed in any organization for the purpose of overall up gradation.

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An assignment of leadership talks about various aspects of leadership and the scope for enhancing it for further development of millennial management or any leadership related issues.

However, while you write an assignment you may find it difficult to complete.

The possibilities are truly endless and I encourage you to have fun with creating assignments and assignment names that will move you toward your leadership goals.

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In fact, I wrote a blog five years ago, Would You Follow You?

Top 10 Ways to Be a Leader, where I listed my top 10 picks of leadership qualities. What’s missing from the list, however, is practical advice on how to improve in those highlighted leadership areas.

It’s easy to read lists and say “that’s great”—but how will you change your behavior to increase your effectiveness?

The Assignment Way of Living At the Wright Foundation for Human Potential, where I do the bulk of my leadership training, I have discovered what’s called the “assignment way of living.” At any given time, I am working on anywhere from two to four assignments.


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